Green Mountain Technologies Strategic Alliance with Compost Systems of Austria

Green Mountain Technologies Strategic Alliance with Compost Systems of Austria

FOR IMMEDIATE  RELEASE: January 4, 2023 
Contact: Gaelan Brown, Green Mountain Technologies 575.223.8970 [email protected]

Bainbridge Island, WA: Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) announced today an international alliance with Compost Systems (CS) of Austria. Both companies are global leaders in commercial compost technologies including design and development of advanced large-scale compost facilities, and proprietary “in vessel” containerized composting systems. The companies will jointly lead an all-day Food Waste Workshop at the US Compost Council’s Annual Conference Jan 24-27 in Ontario, California. 

“Compost Systems and Green Mountain Technologies share similar philosophies toward innovation and commitment to solving environmental issues,” said GMT Founder Michael Bryan Brown. “This partnership will help each of us leverage our complimentary and unique technologies, enabling us to each offer a broader range of cutting edge systems and services to our growing global client-base.”

GMT will now offer CS systems, equipment and technologies to new customers in North America as well as to GMT’s existing customer base of over 400 sites and facilities globally. 

“The unique “Composting Box Tunnel System” developed by Compost Systems is a great solution for facilities that have strict environmental and air quality goals while also needing an economical and efficient composting process,” said GMT Operations Director Orion Black-Brown. “We’re also excited to introduce the TracTurn and other compost turning equipment built by Compost Systems to the North American market. The side discharge TracTurn is a great material handling solution for our clients, particularly for large cTAP aerated compost processing facilities.”

CS will likewise offer GMT’s proprietary systems and technologies, in particular GMT’s Earth Flow in-vessel system, to its growing customer list in Europe and the Far East.

“This partnership represents an alignment of core values and recognition that cooperation is our best path toward scaling our impact for environmental and economic sustainability,” said CS Founder and Managing Director Aurel Lübke. “We look forward to deep collaborations with the Green Mountain Technologies team as we bring our solutions to the next level of market adoption.”

About Compost Systems GmbH: Austria-based Compost Systems (CS) is a global leader in compost technology, fertility science and engineering. Since 2002 CS has designed and built large sophisticated commercial compost facilities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, S. America and Asia, while also manufacturing a unique line of compost processing equipment. In order to industrialize a unique compost production method developed by his parents Uta and Siegfried Lübke, known as the CMC Method (Controlled Microbial Composting) in the 1970s and 80s, Aurel Lübke founded Compost Systems GmbH in 2002 as an engineering company designing tailor made composting plants. Since then, more than 140 plants have been planned and realized, and countless plants worldwide have been equipped with their machines and know-how. For more information visit 

About Green Mountain Technologies: Based in Washington State, USA, Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) was founded in 1992 to design, build and manufacture commercial composting systems for the world market. GMT is dedicated to helping forward-thinking organizations reduce their environmental footprint, save money and produce high quality compost as efficiently as possible. GMT has designed and built advanced composting systems for over 400 customers and facilities across N. America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. The company’s comprehensive product line and proprietary technologies offer unique solutions for institutional, commercial and municipal composting facilities of all types and sizes. For more information visit 

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