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Over the past 30 years we have helped our clients clear numerous hurdles. These can be unique to each site: proximity of neighbors, stormwater regulations, etc., however there are certain trends that are industry-specific. This section explores these challenges, suggesting a few common solutions from Green Mountian Technologies to addressing each of them.


Composting is a great way to transform biosolids (human sewage) into a class A compost product that can be sold. GMT has developed a suite of products that manage stormwater, mitigate odors, and create high quality pathogen free compost from biosolids.
  • CompoBox tunnels for ease of permitting and excellent emissions control
  • Earth Flow and CompTainer for small facilities looking for plug and play
  • ASP systems for low Capex and Opex
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Commercial & Municipal

Municipalities and commercial composting facilities around the world use GMT’s composting systems to process organic residuals in a responsible and efficient way, with minimal odors and maximum efficiency.
  • TAP systems for finished product quality and footprint reduction
  • ASP systems for minimal operating costs
  • CompoBox tunnels for 90%+ odor and emissions control
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Community Composting

A composting system can give community organizations a solid foundation to build sustainable local food systems and create social impact. The Earth Flow in particular offers community organizations a practical and easy way to build new layers of community engagement and local food self reliance. 
  • Earth Flow for urban composters and educators
  • ASP for larger communities with sites distanced from neighbors
  • Solutions that pay for themselves and create educational opportunity
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Correctional Facilities

GMT has decades of experience providing composting solutions to correctional facilities.  Eliminating the disposal costs of food waste creates  significant savings and job training for inmates. With food waste disposal costs at prisons three times over the national average, composting is a no-brainer.
  • Earth Flow systems for rapid odor-free automated processing
  • ASP for facilities processing over 5,000 tons per year.
  • Automated solutions that are easy to maintain
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Disposal of horse manure can be costly, and turned windrow composting can be odorous and time-consuming. GMT has been providing advanced solutions for equestrian facilities for many years. 
  • Earth Flow systems for rapid odor-free automated processing
  • Pre-engineered ASP systems for simple cost-effective processing
  • Composted manure can be sold or used as bedding
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Farm & Agriculture

On-farm composting of manure, food waste and other farm residuals boosts crop productivity and improves the bottom line. With the rising cost of fertilizer farmers are choosing composting to improve soil nitrogen uptake, microbial activity and water retention.
  • ASP’s for minimal operating costs
  • Tractor pulled windrow turners for low entry cost
  • Earth flow for high quality compost and automation
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Hemp & Cannabis

Cannabis waste disposal is often strictly regulated, expensive, and time-consuming. GMT has proven we can simplify this process with the Earth Flow composting system. 
  • Convert cannabis waste into valuable compost
  • Automated & Fast
  • Complete Control & Fully Enclosed
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GMT provides military bases with the tools to implement high performance on-site composting while controlling odor and pests. 
  • Earth flow for automation and odor control
  • CompoBox tunnels for facilities processing over 5,000 tons/year.
  • Composting solutions with great security and emissions control
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Resort & Hospitality

Resorts and recreational areas are often located in pristine remote locations, where off-site composting is very expensive or not feasible. On-site In Vessel composting systems are an ideal way to eliminate disposal costs and convert food and landscaping waste, along with compostable bioplastics and paper, into valuable compost.  
  • Earth flow for plug and play solution
  • ASP for facilities processing more then 5,000 TPY 
  • Close the loop to support sustainability goals
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School & University

Each year, US colleges throw away an estimated 22 million pounds of food. That’s millions of dollars spent on hauling away valuable soil-building resources, money and nutrients that would be better kept on campus growing educated students and healthy plants. Fortunately, more and more campuses are choosing to close their ecological loop by bringing composting on campus.
  • Earth Flow for low operating cost and odor control
  • ASP for schools processing large amounts of waste
  • Solutions certified to break down bioplastics
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