Compost Probes

Probes Collect Data for ASP Control Systems

GMT has developed a wide range of composting probes, designed to simplify your life by automating compliance and adjusting airflow accordingly. We offer a unique range of wired and wireless probes, designed to gather data and transmit it in the harshest of environments.


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Wired or Wireless

How Probes Work

Monitor oxygen and temperature levels remotely using GMT’s Wireless or Wired Probes connected with GMT’s WebMACS or other control systems. Our Probes automate the data collection process, sending records to either a custom secure web page (WebMACS) or a PC based software. We also offer handheld Digital OT Probes and traditional analog dial probes.

Your Needs


In order to meet PFRP, operators must document temperatures above 131 degrees F for three continuous days. Our single and dual sensor probes simplify this process, automatically tracking and logging temperature data on one of our robust control interfaces

Our wired and wireless transmitters are built into NEMA 4x enclosures with separate, easy to access battery compartments. All probes are made by hand here in America with heavy stainless steel shafts and handles.

Our probes use high quality thermocouples and oxygen sensors to ensure temperature data is accurate to +/- 1 degree F or 0.5% oxygen

“Green Mountain Technologies offers simple, cost effective solutions that are practical to implement. They’re really there to work with you and make a solution that fits with your site and your process and your feedstocks. They bring a ton of experience to the table, and that balance of cost versus technology…really finding the sweet spot that worked for us and our site.”

- Pierce Lewis, Co-Founder of Dirthugger Composting Facility, Dallesport WA

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