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“Upgrading Mulch Facility to Accept Food Waste Streams” - BioCycle, May 2024

“COMPOnews 2024, From Carbon to Nitrogen” - Compost Systems GmbH, April 2024

“Mechanical Biological Treatment: A Solution for America’s Landfill Challenges” - Waste Advantage Magazine, April 2024

“All of Lafayette’s Food Waste Is Heading Here, Then on to the Campus Farm” - Lehigh Valley News, March 2024


Lafayette College Has a New, $150K Commercial Composter, November 2023

Trucking Firm Turns Food Waste Into Compost at its Shelton Mulch Plant, November 2023

Washington Trucking Company Opens Composting Facility, October 2023

Brady Trucking Opens New Food Waste Composting Facility in Shelton, WA, October 2023

Trucking Firm Seizes Compost Business Opportunity, October 2023

Washington Trucking Company Opens New Food Waste Composting Facility, October 2023

BI Business Develops Composting System, October 2023

Beyond Wasted Food, Ohio Organics Council, September, 2023

Foodbank’s Composting Program Creates Food from Food, September 2023

Regenerative Farming Organization Goes In-Vessel For Composting, September 2023

Composting System Returns to Dining Halls, September 2023

Recology Ostrom Organics Receives Organics Management 2023 Facility of the Year Award, August 2023

Rutgers University’s EcoComplex Receives Earth Flow Composting System, June 2023

University Starts Up Food Waste Composter, June 2023

Breaking Down Compost with Earth Flow, April 2023

This Neighborhood Wants to Compost Your Dog Poop, April 2023

Rutgers EcoComplex Improves Campus Sustainability With Earth Flow™ Automatic Composting System, April 2023

Community Composters Grow Into A Movement, March 2023

Composting Council Annual Awards, February 2023

BI Compost Firm Allies with Austrian Business, January 2023


One of the Dirtiest Jobs in San Francisco is Dealing with Food Waste, September 2021

Grinding and Composting Cannabis Wastes, June 2021

A Primer on Composting Cannabis Residuals, June 2021

Wasted Food Solutions in Southwest Ohio, March 2021

California Solid Waste Authority’s SB 1383 Compliance Blueprint, March 2021


Organics Recycling in 2020, December 2020

Composting Duo Hits Its Stride, December 2020

Composting Cannabis Waste at Production Facility, November 2020

Dirt Hugger Wins Recycler of the Year Award, November 2020

Composting Closes the Loop at Food Bank, September 2020


Managing Moisture in the Desert, March 2019


Phoenix Composting Facility Rises from Desert Floor, October 2017


Space Utilization in Composting, June 2016


School District Rolls Out Food Waste Reduction, March 2015

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