Green Mountain Technologies Leadership at the World’s Largest Compost Conference, Compost 2023

Green Mountain Technologies Leadership at the World’s Largest Compost Conference, Compost 2023

The Green Mountain Technologies team is leading an all day Food Waste Composting workshop at the upcoming USCC Compost 2023 Conference on Jan 24 in Ontario, California. 

GMT team-members are also presenting at several other workshops during the conference

We are honored to be co-teaching the Food Waste Workshop with Aurel Lübke, Founder of Compost Systems of Austria, as part of our new partnership. 

Tuesday Jan 24: 9am-4:30pm: Adding Food Waste to your Compost Facility 
Operational and structural strategies to upgrade windrows and static piles to handle high energy feedstocks with mixes, pile shape, turning frequency and passive or forced aeration. 

GMT Instructors: Jeff Gage, Orion Bryan Brown, Jake Saavedra, and Aurel Lubke of Austria-based Compost Systems

During this workshop the instructors will breakdown the process of making decisions on how best to use the tools and resources a facility already has or may want and transitioning the operation to handle the contaminants and the much more aggressive biological process that food wastes present. 

Topics include: Feedstock energy/nutrient calculations and free air space, Contaminant removal, establishing pile height and widths along with turning frequency, Facility layout and capacity sizing, Passive aeration and forced aeration, Pipe and blower sizing, Air distribution design, Odor control and Biofiltration, Control System options, Pavement options, Understanding engineering tradeoffs. 

The goal is to help composters understand the tradeoffs of different facility operation and design configurations by emphasizing their associated capital costs as well as permitting and odor implications. 

Fee: $352 for USCC members, $435 for nonmembers 

Duration: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, with one hour for lunch (not included) 


  1. Opening, How is food waste composting different than green waste, manure or biosolids composting? 
  2. General considerations for adding food waste 
  3. Overview of technologies Static Pile (SP), enhanced SP, Turned Windrow (TW), Aerated Static Pile (ASP) extended ASP (eASP), covered ASP (cASP), Aerated Turned Windrow (ATW) Slide Show 
  4. Pile Odor and Vector Control Systems using fleece, micropore covers or biocover, biofilters, indoor vs outdoor operations. 
  5. Detailed Discussion of facility Design
  6. Composting Recipes with Food waste 
  7. Facility layout and Site Design 
  8. Methods for maintaining adequate O2 and temperature levels 
  9. Stormwater design 
  10. Controlling the composting process 
  11. Q&A 

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