Composting at Zero Waste Facility in Canada

Composting at Zero Waste Facility in Canada


Gibson’s Recycling Depot is one of the first resource recovery facilities in British Columbia and is based on Zero Waste principles. The recycling facility is located on the Sunshine Coast Peninsula, in the Howe Sound near Vancouver. Buddy Boyd, co-founder of Gibson’s Recycling, is committed to mining the waste stream before anything is landfilled, “waste really isn’t waste until it is wasted, so we just deal with it differently.”

Buddy needed an on-site solution to divert local food waste from the landfill to attain the company’s zero landfill goal. He contacted Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) because of our experience with on-site composting for remote communities.


GMT recommended the In-Vessel Earth Flow system to accommodate the volume of food waste. In order to meet Gibson’s Recycling budget requirements, GMT retrofitted a used in-vessel system.

Veggies, meat, bones scraps, and horse manure are all recycled in the Earth Flow. The finished product is then sold as nutrient-rich soil. “What we’re doing is engineering nutrition to put back into our nutrition-starved Earth on the sunshine coast. The by-product is that we’re creating jobs in our community, as well as contributing to the tax base with local, economic development opportunities here by taking something that was once in the waste stream and adding value to it as a resource,” says Buddy.

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