Composting at a Retirement Community in California

Composting at a Retirement Community in California


Masonic Homes is a continuing care retirement community in Union City, CA and Covina, CA. With a combined total of 700 full time residents, the organization handles two tons of food waste per week. Masonic Homes also maintains a farm that provides an abundance of fruit and vegetables to feed the residents. Instead of paying to throw away food waste, the organization decided to compost on-site to cut waste management costs and also provide nourishment for the farm’s soil.


Masonic Homes partnered with Tri-Ced Recycling, a nonprofit hauler/recycler to co-purchase an Earth Flow In-Vessel Composting System from Green Mountain Technologies. The composting system is fully automated and only requires one operator to manage the process. The finished compost is used on Masonic’s farm and their 267-acre site for a reforestation project. Masonic Homes saw a return on their investment in two years and is happy with the transition from landfilling food waste to composting the waste on-site.

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