Washington State University CASE STUDY

ASP Composting

Operator: Washington State University
Location: Pullman, WA
Feedstock: Green & Agricultural Waste
Capacity: 20,000 T/year
Year Installed: 2007
Project Components:

Client’s Requirements

As a leader in agricultural research WSU was searching for a flexible on-site solution to convert their waste streams in compost and recycled bedding. In 2007, Washington State University contacted GMT to convert their existing windrow compost operation to an Aerated Static Pile (ASP) facility to reduce odors, improve product quality and expand their existing operations capacity.

Our Solution

GMT designed and commissioned a 12-zone ASP system, processing 20,000 tons per year of material with two zones dedicated entirely to mortality composting. The ASP process requires no turning and less land area than their old windrows. The overall cost of the system was less than $200,000 and was installed in 3 days. In 2024 WSU reached out to GMT to upgrade the control system and transition the pipe on grade solution below grade.