Vision Recycling CASE STUDY

ASP Composting

Operator: Vision Recycling
Location: Livermore, CA
Feedstock: Green Waste
Capacity: 50,000 T/year
Year Installed: 2018
Project Components:

Client’s Requirements

Vision Recycling has been recycling organics in the bay area since 1993. In 2018, they decided to open a small facility in Livermore, California. They wanted the facility to be cost effective, operate on the existing 2-acre parcel of land, and have below grade aeration.

Our Solution

GMT designed Vision Recycling, a low-cost alternative to typical below grade aeration systems. Instead of paving the entire pad, only the laterals were poured over creating concrete beams. Vision then repurposed an abundance of regional crushed concrete as fill, reducing construction costs by over a third. The 6-zone system is powered by two high pressure blowers with zone dampers and VFDs all controlled by GMT’s WebMACs controller. The site now handles 50,000 tons per year of green waste, all on the existing 2-acre parcel of land.