Singapore Farm Uses Compost to Replenish Their Soil

Singapore Farm Uses Compost to Replenish Their Soil

System Install: 2015


Singapore is a small island nation with a high population density and little land available for farming.  Kok Fah Technology Farm is one of a few farms that still exist in Singapore. They provide local markets with fresh greens and bak choy. High intensity farming has depleted the soils at Kok Fah that required continually higher use of pesticides and fertilizers to maintain crop yields. Kok Fah needed an effective solution to transform their vegetable waste into high quality compost that could replenish their soils.


Kok Fah choose the Site-Built Earth Flow system from Green Mountain Technologies to process their agricultural waste.

The site built option made sense given the volume of compost required by the farm and the distance required for shipping. Kok Fah constructed a 12’ wide and 60’ long greenhouse structure close to the packinghouse for the farm. Culls from the packinghouse and horse manure are delivered to receiving bunkers next to the composter.

The materials are loaded by tractor at a 3:1 ratio.  The material remains in the vessel for approximately three weeks before it is discharged, and cured for one month prior to using on the farm beds.

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