Purdy Composting Facility Celebrates 20+ Years Of Operation!

Purdy Composting Facility Celebrates 20+ Years Of Operation!

Purdy Compost Facility (LRI) in Pierce County, Washington has been operating a successful and productive ASP System for over 20 years. They opened their doors in 1992 processing approximately 33,000 tons of organic waste a year with the goal to be odor free and produce high quality compost for sale. Today the facility is operating at over 50,000 tons per year and still producing that great quality compost which is ready for sale in less than 40 days.

“It is critical to manage the aeration and moisture to reduce odor problems.”

Jeff Gage

GMT’s Senior System Designer, Jeff Gage, was involved in the design, installation and operation of the Purdy Compost Facility. His advice for a successful composting operation focuses on the proper application and management of air. Jeff shares more about lessons learned and advice for a successful ASP installation in the article “Mastering the Science (and Art) of Yard Waste Composting.”

Use quality equipment, highly trained operators and stringent management guidelines for a successful facility.

Purdy has been operating with very few odor complaints in their 20+ year history with happy neighbors.

Having happy neighbors means you are operating an odor-free, successful composting facility!

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