Prince Edward Island CASE STUDY

In-Vessel Composting

Operator: ADI International
Location: Brookfield Prince Edward Island
Feedstock: Green Waste / Food Waste
Capacity: 30,000 T/year
Installation Date: 2007
Project Components:

Client’s Requirements

In response to Prince Edward Island’s extremely stringent odor and groundwater regulations, ADI chose to handle their curbside Source Separated Organics within a reputable in-vessel composting solution. They reached out to several firms searching for a proven track record, flexible design process, and state of the art control system.

Our Solution

GMT designed 52 custom stainless steel Containerized Compost Systems, each equipped with automated temperature tracking, reversing aeration, and localized leachate/aeration control. The system is one of the largest in-vessel composting systems in the world, and has not required any significant replacements or maintenance since opening in 2007.