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jeff gage

Director of Consulting


Jeff is the Director of Consulting at Green Mountain Technologies and a Certified Composting Professional. He was given the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award by the US Composting Council in recognition of his outstanding contributions to this industry over the past 38 years.

He has designed, upgraded and/or operated over 70 composting facilities throughout the world. Jeff has a Bachelors in Advanced Environmental Studies / Energy Systems from The Evergreen State College. He has published composting research, served on multiple composting/recycling boards and regulatory committees, marketed over a million cubic yards of finished material, and earned multiple awards throughout his 4 decades in the industry.

For GMT, Jeff provides large scale facility designs, cost estimating, permit applications, construction management, system commissioning, operator training, environmental compliance, safety programs, process optimization, and on-site service and repair. He also holds several composting related patents. Outside the office you can find Jeff composting, playing violin, and exploring the world on his bike.
"I have seen the mountain, and I have composted it. In 2023 I’m moving into my 38th year of composting adventures. I have seen and worked on a pile of facilities of all types, and I continue to enjoy every project.”