Jeff Gage Compost Videos Now Online

Jeff Gage Compost Videos Now Online

Be sure to check out Jeff Gage’s video series of composting information and tips. We’ve just doubled the number of short videos of Jeff speaking on a wide ranging number of composting topics (see below).

In case you don’t know Jeff, we like to think of him as the Bob Ross of composting, imparting gems of knowledge in a couple of minutes on a specific topic – think “The Joy of Composting.”

  • How do Microbes Move?
  • Importance of Managing Moisture
  • Stages of Composting
  • Why Compost is Black
  • Secret Life of a Microbe
  • When does Compost Curing End?
  • University of Maine Oxygen Story
  • What is Curing in the Composting Process?
  • How do you Keep Compost from Stinking?
  • What is Mineralization in Compost?
  • Bugs in Compost
  • The Chemical Composition of Compost
  • Why I’m Passionate about Composting.
  • Why do we Compost?
  • Jeff Meets a Compost Pile.
  • Inside a Compost Pile
  • The Role of Carbon
  • What are Feedstocks?
  • Measuring the Bulk Density of Wood Shavings
  • What are Microorganisms?
  • Are Microorganisms Animals or Plants?
  • Why are Microorganisms Good for the Planet?
  • What Microorganisms do
  • What do Microbes Eat?
  • How do Microbes Move?
  • How To Take Temperature Readings
  • Where to take Temperature Readings in your Compost Pile

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