Green Mountain Technologies New Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) System

Green Mountain Technologies New Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) System

Our 2012 TAP design allows each module’s 4 zones to be managed independently for temperature control targets, by one blower. Each 4 zone module can hold 5,400 cubic yards over 16 days providing a capacity of over 300 cubic yards to be placed into a module per day. Usually 2 modules are placed side by side for a total of 36 days of active aerated composting. Additional sets of modules can be laid end to end for unlimited expansion capability. The conceptual layout shows 2 sets of 2 modules linked end to end to provide a complete facility with the capacity to process over 800 cubic yards per day or over 300 tons per day (110,000 tones per year), for up to 70 days total holding time, needing only 12 turns until ready for screening, storage or bagging. This can be done on less than 6 acres.

  • Turning takes less than 4 hours a day
  • Screening takes less than 4 hours a day including loading out large trucks
  • Grinding and loading the incoming feedstocks takes less than 4 hours per day
  • Site cleanup, daily equipment maintenance and fueling takes less than 3 hours per day

This operation can be run easily by two full time operators, costing less than $3/ton in labor costs. Interaction by compost turning operators is simple as the blower control automatically goes to positive aeration as soon as the radio telemetry zone temperature probe is removed. The improved layout of underground pipes eliminates unneeded approach alleys and reduces required floor space by 40% over our 1999 design. Pipe friction losses have been reduce by over 30% and water handling and piping complexities have been simplified while improving the waste air cooling capacity before bio-filtration.

The single direction material flow layout allows an efficient side discharge turner like the Vermeer CT1010TX to be used to move the piles at 2,000 cubic yards per hour with one operator. This equipment allows the compost to be turned and re-watered every 4 to 5 days for a total of 7 to 8 turns in 3 hours of operator time. Active composting and aerated curing is completed over a 40 day period. This is all that is needed to get a stable product that is ready for marketing directly for next day use or for placement in un-aerated storage for spring markets.

The TAP provides composters with complete flexibility of operations, running with positive and/or negative air, temperature control using the CompDACS process controller, water collection and pretreatment to reduce BOD and odors. A no-leak aeration ducting system fully contains all collected odors until they get to the bio-filtration bed for treatment.

A unique condensate and leachate collection and pretreatment system that removes gross solids, aerates and reduces the waters biological oxygen demand and odors. We also added a water storage and reuse system to conserve and reuse the collected water reducing the amount of fresh water and sewage disposal needed by the process.

The system is designed to be run mostly negative under active hot composting materials, except during turning events. This approach significantly reduces odor emissions overall by over 90% and allows all night time aeration to pass through the bio-filter for treatment when the air is calm and temperature inversions can send un-diluted odors from your facility directly into your neighborhood.

This floor design can be used on receiving floors, ground material stockpiles, biofilters, and product drying areas as well however these uses are usually just run in positive direction due to frequent material handling activities on these pads. Just keeping material stockpiles fully aerobic and cool significantly reduces odors.

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