Green Mountain Technologies Granted Composting Patent

Green Mountain Technologies Granted Composting Patent

Bainbridge Island, WA: Green Mountain Technologies is excited to announce that US Patent number 10414696 has been issued for both radial and circular composting systems. The primary benefit of the new designs is to improve handling efficiency and reduce the footprint for large aerated composting systems. This patent is part of Green Mountain Technologies ongoing effort to design the most efficient and cost-effective composting systems for our customers.

The idea of the circular design is to make the longest continuous row that you can on a small site, which is a circle. The longer row means that your turner can keep working instead of repositioning on the next windrow.  The turner circles directly to the beginning of the next row, reducing reset time to zero between passes. By placing your receiving and grinding in the outer circle, you now have a huge area to stockpile and manage your incoming waste.

Jeff Gage, the co-inventor says:

This patent allows Green Mountain Technologies to bring to the composting industry the most compact and cost effective, large scale composting system ever developed. The compact site footprint minimizes concrete and run-off while using biofiltration and biocovers for odor control. The system allows for significant automation opportunities including turning and watering just like circular field irrigation systems do for agricultural crops.

Features and benefits of cTAP include.

• Reduced turning frequency

• Increased production capacity

• Reduced labor costs

The circular (cTAP) and radial (rASP) systems are now available on our website at or email [email protected]

About Green Mountain Technologies: Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) was founded in 1992 to design and manufacture commercial composting systems for the world market. We are dedicated to helping forward-thinking organizations reduce their environmental footprint, save money and produce high quality compost. With this in mind, GMT has developed a comprehensive product line that includes sophisticated technologies for municipal composting systems and cutting-edge software and equipment.

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