Envirosmart CASE STUDY

TAP Composting

Operator: Envirosmart
Location: Delta, BC
Feedstock: Green & Food Waste
Capacity: 150,000 T/year
Year Installed: 2014
Project Components:

Client’s Requirements

In the spring of 2014 Green Mountain Technologies was contracted to design a 150,000 ton per year Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) within an enclosed building for composting green waste and food waste from metropolitan Vancouver, BC. The client needed a solution that created high quality compost and managed food waste with minimal odor all on a small footprint.

Our Solution

GMT provided feedstock evaluations and lab analyses to determine optimal aeration rates for composting. Based on the testing GMT designed an ASP pad using sparger nozzles to deliver high pressure air to a 10’ deep turned aerated mass bed. The system provides reversing aeration based on temperature feedback with a biofilter for odor control. GMT supplied 2 stainless steel 100 hp blowers and an aeration control system with computer-controlled dampers. The system uses a side discharge turner to agitate and rewet material as it moves across the compost floor. The entire system is within an open sided building for protection from the rainy winter weather.

“Our compost quality is much better and we are producing it quicker.”

- Daryl Goodwin, Envirosmart Composting Facility, Delta, BC Canada

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