EnviroSmart Compost Facility Upgrade From ASP To TAP

EnviroSmart Compost Facility Upgrade From ASP To TAP

Client Need:

EnviroSmart Composting Facility in Delta, BC had been composting for 15 years using ASP and static pile composting systems. They needed to expand their capacity and increase the rate of composting to handle the increasing food waste stream from the Metro Vancouver area. EnviroSmart receives a variety of other feedstocks from stables, ag processors, landscapers and wood by products. Daryl Goodwin, owner of EnviroSmart was looking for a company that could both design and provide aeration equipment for the facility upgrade.


Green Mountain Technologies was hired to do a preliminary facility evaluation and make recommendations based the existing equipment and land area available. GMT recommended a Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) system with reversing aeration to reduce their processing time and produce a higher quality compost. The 200×200 aerated concrete pad was housed inside a roof structure to keep out the winter weather. The piles are mass bed design which eliminates access lanes and maximizes the footprint of the building. Two 100 hp blowers connect to stainless steel manifolds which distribute the air to sixteen 25’x100’ zones on the air floor. The new building started operation in January of 2015.

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