Composting Cannabis Waste

Composting Cannabis Waste

A cost-effective, efficient way to manage cannabis waste and comply with federal or state regulations.

1. Save Green to Grow More Green
Canadian and U.S. regulations require cannabis farms to shred plant waste and mix it with an inert substance (i.e. cat litter, sand, plastic waste, sawdust) until deemed “unrecognizable and irrecoverable.” This requires mix material to be purchased and immediately discarded, doubling materials and disposal costs. To avoid these costs, Flowr, a large grower in Toronto, Canada found the Earth Flow system to be a cost-effective option to meet Canadian regulations. The Earth Flow not only eliminates disposal costs with the finished compost product recycling back into the growing operation. It reduces costs for soil amendments and fertilizers. These savings allow Flowr to recover their initial investment in the Earth Flow in less than a year.  

2. Save Time Composting
Instead of worrying about proper cannabis waste disposal and seeking out a supplier for nutrient-rich soil, cannabis growers can remove and re-use product on-site. The Earth Flow’s continuous flow design allows the cannabis grower to add new material every day. This automated mixing technology is a highly efficient model for composting compared to other methods. The Earth Flow creates a pathogen-free substrate by heating compost to temperatures of 55 °C (131 °F). 

The Earth Flows process takes between 14-21 days to create a finished compost product. You can use the compost as a soil amendment right away!

The Earth Flow’s auger slices through marijuana plants at Flowr TM

3. Creating a Sustainable Product
Cannabis waste has put a huge burden on public landfills, In 2018, Washington State found that landfills accumulated 1.7 million pounds of plant waste since legalization in 2014. Marijuana growing operations have a responsibility to lessen their environmental impact. Composting is one-way growers can reduce, re-use, and recycle while creating a more sustainable product.

Composting cannabis waste is a no-brainer because it saves time and money while meeting regulations, and not ruining the planet. 

Green Mountain Technologies helps cannabis growers of all sizes bring cost-effective composting into their operations. Reach out to us here for more information!

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