Composting at an Urban Park in Manhattan

Composting at an Urban Park in Manhattan


The Hudson River Park in Manhattan, NYC is located on a 4-mile stretch of the Hudson River shoreline. The park is the largest open space to undergo construction in Manhattan since the completion of Central Park.

The Hudson River Park needed a fully enclosed composting system that required little labor to compost landscape waste and some food waste from the property. The park wanted to reduce the cost of disposal and also reduce the cost of purchasing soil amendment. Additionally, the park desired a system that would allow them to collect more waste in the future.


Green Mountain Technologies provided the park with an EF-16 In-Vessel Earth Flow system in the fall of 2015. Located right on the Hudson River, the system is adjacent to a public walking corridor where joggers and walkers frequently pass. The Earth Flow allows Hudson River Park to compost in a public space without worrying about odor.

Matt Post, Director of Horticulture at Hudson River Park Trust, says, “We have the right balance of stuff going in. Product is looking great.  We’ve got some black gold. It’s a big hit.”

This system is making odorless compost and is operating between 100-150 degrees. “At 150 degrees, the system is doing a great job of killing weed seeds. We’re throwing almost all our weeds in there. I haven’t had to get any dumpsters to throw weeds away. This is a big part of why we got this system,” said Matt.

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