City of Phoenix CASE STUDY

ASP Composting

Operator: WeCare Denali
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Feedstock: Green/Food Waste
Capacity: 60,000 T/year
Year Installed: 2017
Project Components:

Client’s Requirements

The City of Phoenix was searching for a financially feasible sustainable approach to diverting the city's green and food waste. The solution had to work on an existing 20-acre parcel of land, have a high throughput, work in the dramatic desert climate, and not negatively impact the surrounding community.

Composting proved to be the lowest cost solution meeting these criteria. They reached out next to GMT for feedstock feasibility analyses, pilot testing, permitting, and compost equipment.

Our Solution

To better understand the feedstocks, GMT designed a small pipe on grade system that was installed prior to the 2014 Super Bowl. Food waste from the event was mixed with green waste and aerated on the pilot aeration pad. Based on the results, GMT designed a large Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) composting system capable of handling 120,000 T/year. The facility utilizes below grade spargers, reversing aeration, and biofiltration for maximal process, and odor control. At present, the facility is only built out to half of the overall capacity and processing exclusively green waste as a result of subsequent political changes.

“Phoenix has authored one of the most remarkable sustainability turnaround stories in the country, and our new composting facility starts an important new chapter. This award is a testament to our partners and their commitment to make Phoenix one of the most sustainable and resilient cities in the world.”

- Greg Stanton, Mayor, City of Phoenix

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