Brady Trucking CASE STUDY

ASP Composting

Operator: Brady Trucking
Location: Shelton, WA
Feedstock: Green Waste
Capacity: 35,000 T/year
Year Installed: 2019
Project Components:

Client’s Requirements

Brady Trucking is a family owned and operated business offering high quality mulch and bark products to clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Brady Trucking was buying and reselling large amounts of compost and decided to bring these services in house to improve compost quality and lower costs. In 2020 Brady Trucking hired Green Mountain Technologies to design and permit their new facility. They selected GMT due to their proven track record and range of services that GMT could provide.

Our Solution

GMT designed a 10-zone cASP system with below grade aeration and open sided PEMB structures for the active composting process. The site is designed to process peak loads of 60,000 TPY of curbside food waste and green waste. The facility was designed, permitted, and built in a year and a half, a remarkable feat in Washington State, where this process typically takes between three and five years. Since opening the facility hasn’t had any operations violations and is creating high quality finished compost sold throughout Puget Sound.

"During GMT’s facility design process, they went beyond just helping us complete our successful permit applications. They also helped us build relationships with our regulating agencies. These relationships have been a key part of getting our facility permitted and running smoothly since start-up. This resulted in compressing the project from an estimated three to five years for just the permitting alone to completing the entire design, permitting and construction to two years and one week.”

- Evan Brady, Co-owner of Brady Trucking ASP Composting Facility, Shelton, WA

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