33rd Annual Northeast Recycling Conference & Expo

33rd Annual Northeast Recycling Conference & Expo

RE: 33rd Annual Northeast Recycling Conference & Expo in Manchester, NH on June 9-10, 2014.

Michael Bryan-Brown, BSCE, Founder & CEO, Green Mountain Technologies will be presenting:

The Case for Community-Based Composting:

It seems that the philosophy around municipal composting has tended towards a “bigger is better” approach. The economies of scale associated with large facilities (300K-500K tons per year) are certainly compelling. However, there can be downsides.

This presentation offers some fresh ideas for planning our future composting infrastructure:

    • What if larger composting facilities were supported and augmented by smaller composting facilities that are located closer to where the waste is generated?
    • Are there situations when it is preferable to site smaller composting facilities in our communities?

This presentation will also include comparisons and examples of different sized municipal composting systems, research into the economic “tipping points” of different sized composting systems, and a sneak-peak into hybrid composting systems.

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