Kids Food Basket CASE STUDY

In-Vessel Composting

Operator: Kids Food Basket
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Feedstock: Food Waste and Green Waste
Capacity: 300 T/year
Year Installed: 2023
Project Components:
  • Site Built Earth Flow with Greenhouse Roof
  • Hydraulic Tote Loader
  • Moisture Addition System
  • Automatic Mixing & Aeration
  • Cold Climate Insulation Package

Client’s Requirements

Kids Food Basket, a community designed and powered non-profit in Grand Rapids, Michigan is on a mission to meet the needs of children and families in the pursuit of a hunger-free West Michigan. KFB works collaboratively toward this end in a way that promotes the experiences and the passion of their local community. In an effort to feed their own soils with their own waste, they decided they wanted to start composting on site. To do so safely in an urban setting, they decided to pursue in-vessel composting. They needed a system that was easy to use and could handle their food scraps without making a mess or generating odors. This wasn't just about compost; it was about creating a sustainable legacy. The non-profit also had a brilliant idea to educate folks, especially the kids, about the whole cycle of sustainability. The Earth Flow system is nestled on their cozy farm and education center where they are transforming food craps into top-notch compost which is nourishing the fresh produce grown on the farm and teaching the kids and visitors about the magic of composting along the way.

Our Solution

GMT worked with Kids Food Basket to identify an opportunity to purchase a used Earth Flow from nearby Northland College, refurbish it, and install it for a new life serving the mission at Kids Food Basket. In as little as 7-21 days, the 30’ Site Built Earth Flow with a greenhouse roof is transforming all of the unsaleable produce and food scraps generated on site into a nutrient rich soil amendment used to enhance the soils and grow even healthier food for the community. KFB uses wood chips donated from local tree companies as the primary bulking agent to make a beautiful compost recipe. They also accept coffee grounds from a local coffee company in their compost recipe, diverting even more community waste away from the landfill. Kids Food Basket serves as the dream model of how composting can be integrated into the community.

“We love that Green Mountain Technologies came alongside of us and helped us to procure this system to create a usable product that would normally cost quite a bit of money. That is closing our loop of sustainability even more”

- Jason Lundberg, Farm Manager

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