Earth Flow™ Site-Built

America's Leading Industrial In-Vessel Composting System

To maximize the odor control and mixing power of the earth flow, we design hybrid systems that combine the earth flow with a secondary ASP. This design allows operators to get the benefits of the earth flow, while processing up to three times as much material with their system.


90% Emissions Control


Minimal Labor


Half the Footprint


50 Day Process

How It Works

Load inbound material directly into the Earth Flow and watch as it homogenizes your material, kick starting the microbial process and bringing material up to 60% moisture content. After one week in the earth flow, move material into a secondary ASP bay where emissions are further reduced, nitrogen is mineralized, and pathogens are destroyed. After this three to four week process material is ready for curing, screening and product sale.

Your Needs


3000+ T/year per Earth Flow when combined with a secondary ASP

Ideal for farms, composting facilities, resorts, institutions, remote or urban communities

Food waste, manure, compostable bioplastics, agricultural waste

Minimal labor beyond loading/unloading

Capacity + Economics

Our financing options can make the Site Built Earth Flow™ immediately cash-flow positive for qualified customers. System financing is available with monthly payments as low as $2,000.

Example cash-flow + savings from a Site-Built 7012 Earth Flow: monthly savings based on captured/avoided waste disposal costs of $65/ton and compost market value of $50/ton:

Tons Per Month of Material Composted, 14 Day Retention       153
Monthly Avoided Disposal Costs, Compost Value, minus Operating Costs       $14,350
Monthly Finance Payment 6 yr term @ 7.99%       -$2,405
Monthly Cash Flow Including Finance Payment       $11,945
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“With our previous turned windrow systems we had a hard time keeping up. That stress has been alleviated with our site built Earth Flow. The long-term investment in the system has a return on both labor and operating costs. I am no longer spending 16 hours a week in a skid steer and have the opportunity to spend more time in the field and greenhouse. We are also producing more compost than our old turned- windrow process, which helped us quickly transition into a no till farm.”

- Nate Bundy, Compost Manager at Green Acres Farm

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