Dirt Hugger’s Commercial Compost Facility – Aerated Static Pile System

Dirt Hugger’s Commercial Compost Facility – Aerated Static Pile System


Dirt Hugger, a regional composting company in Hood River, Oregon,  was started in 2013 by two men, Tyler Miller and Pierce Louis. The small facility lost their lease and needed to expand their capacity and become more efficient in their processing. They located a 10 acre site across the river in Dallesport, Washington to setup a permanent facility. GMT was hired to provide expertise for all facets of their expansion. The primary challenge was delivering a system that was ‘bootstrap’ affordable and created cost effective composting for the start-up company.

Early in the design process, Dirt Hugger decided that they wanted a below grade aeration pad to process 20,000 tons per year. They saw that below grade systems could save money on labor and pipe and payback in less than two years. GMT provided design for the below grade ducting and blower system for a Turned Aerated Pad (TAP) system. The pad was designed for mass bed processing to maximize throughput and minimize footprint. GMT also provided consulting for process flows and stormwater collection with sediment traps and aerated retention ponds. GMT specified and help to procure used aeration blowers and other process equipment. Dirt Hugger selected GMT’s WebMAC’s control system to reduce labor cost for temperature monitoring and allow off-site monitoring of the compost process.

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