wireless probes



Green Mountain Technologies’ wireless temperature probes allow you to monitor your compost piles continuously and effortlessly without being tethered by cables. The wireless probe system includes several components and can integrate with GMT’s WebMACS system, Windrow Manager software or any other SCADA based controls platform.

Each wireless probe contains one or more transmitters (one for each sensor on the probe) that send current sensor values to the base station. The wireless base station collects all wireless sensor data and stores up to 15,000 records internally. The typical range for the wireless probes is up to 1000 ft within line of site to a base station or repeater. When necessary, a wireless repeater can be used to extend the range between the base station and the probes up to 1 mile. With wireless temperature probes, it’s easier than ever to track the temperature of your compost pile.

key features

Materials 304 or 316 Alloy Stainless Steel
Probe Length 48-144″
Transmitter Tange Up to 1000ft
Power Two AA Lithium Ion Batteries
Enclosure’s NEMA / IP Rating 4x/ 67
Radio 100mw, 900MHzSSFH
Communicates TCP/IP, UDP, XML, RS232, and or RS485
System Accuracy +/- 0.5 °C
Temperature Range -200- 125 °C

heavy duty probe shafts

Our probes shafts are made from the highest quality stainless steel. For additional protection, we offer optional high build epoxy coating on the probe shaft. The probe shaft is rugged .85” OD to prevent bending and the welded T-handle makes for quick and easy insertion into the pile. Each probe comes with machined 316 SS welded probe tip and has up to 4 high accuracy RTD sensors per shaft.


Each probe is made with a non-corroding composite enclosure. They’re water-tight, dust-tight and corrosion resistant. You don’t have to worry about the weather (or your compost) damaging the electronic components of your probes. And with our simple lift-off gasketed cover, it’s easy to get inside the enclosure for maintenance.


Inside each probe head is a battery powered wireless transmitter radio designed for long range communication. Each transmitter has a unique ID that registers with the base station. The transmitter connects to the sensor via RJ-11 jack for easy servicing or replacement.


The base-station is the brain of the entire system. It communicates with all the probes to logs periodic ­­­­­­­snapshots of the current temperature readings & logs events. The base-station works with Green Mountain Technologies’ Windrow Manager, or any SCADA system.