GMT provides operator training with each system we design or manufacture to empower individuals to make great compost. Our staff has a combined 50 years of experience operating and supporting compost operations to help your team make the best compost. Jeff Gage, GMT’s Senior Designer, started the original compost training program at WSU and enjoys educating others about all things compost. GMT is approved for on-site training for state required operator training courses. We are active in the development and implementation of the US Composting Council and the Washington Organic Recycling Council’s operator training programs.

In a typical operator training, we cover the following:

  • Basic biology of composting piles and biofilters
  • Feedstock recipe for the optimum balance of nutrients, porosity and moisture
  • Grinding and mixing equipment
  • Aeration and temperature management for pathogen reduction
  • Odor control and prevention of odors
  • Dust suppression, runoff control, and litter management
  • Fire control and minimizing the risk of fires
  • Screening and product uses
  • Product quality, mix analysis, performance testing

Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) supports its clients in achieving the training necessary to have them apply for and test for the US Composting Council Certified Compost Operations Manager (CCOM) Program. Applicants to that program, in addition to such training are also required to show at least two years of full-time employment in the composting industry, which must include one year of full-time employment in compost facility operations.

This support includes directing clients using our composting system designs to the closest available compost operator training program given by state or national composting associations that can meet such standards, or providing for a fee, formal three-day to five-day training programs on-site at their own operations.

Richard (Rick) Finch
Manager, WSU Facilities Services Waste Management

Can you tell me how your training went and was it what you expected?
"Exactly what we wanted, extremely pleased with the outcome. The training that Jeff put together and the way it was presented, went well."

Can you tell me why the training was scheduled and what made it happen? What exactly was covered?
"We had some concerns about some of the practices in our operations. Some of the operators were not up-to-speed and there were regular high temperature readings and we wanted to know why. So we asked Jeff to review our current practices and come up with a 3-4 hour training. Jeff worked with the assistant manager to troubleshoot and work through what needed to be done. A customized training was put together for the staff to take us back to day one and get back to parameters and practices that work.

Again, this was exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got. Can't imagine that I could have been happier with the training. We value our relationship with GMT. We're in this together.”


Green Mountain Technologies have on staff individuals who are expert  in compost facility management training having been instrumental in developing compost operator training programs since 1995 for state and national composting and recycling associations.


michael bryan-brown

president / chief engineer

Green Mountain Technologies' founder and Chief Engineer has been designing and installing state of the art composting systems for over 30 years.


jeff gage

senior system designer

Jeff has been designing composting facilities since 1985 and has constructed and/or operated over twenty-five large scale composting facilities across the US.


van calvez

system designer, engineer, sales & customer service

Van manages Sales and specializes in providing customer service, technical support and composting expertise for in-vessel composting systems.