earth flow site-built



The Earth Flow Site-Built System™ offers the same automatic processing as the container-based systems, with excellent control over moisture, odors, vectors, and leachate, housed in a locally-built structure of your choice.

Typically, the structure has a concrete pad, concrete block walls and a fabric or greenhouse roof. Site-built systems are available in numerous sizes and have larger capacity than container-based systems.

A Site Built Earth Flow can be used as a complete compost processing system, producing “ready to cure” compost in 14 to 21 days.

Or, for large food waste composting facilities, it can be used as a receiving, mixing and pre-processing system. In this application, the Site Built Earth Flow can be used as the receiving bay for daily in-bound food waste, with automatic blending and aeration to reduce odors and kick-start the microbial process. Each day the material loaded earlier that week is ejected out the back and moved into a primary ASP or windrow process.

Depending on the avoided waste-disposal costs and local market-value of the compost produced, our financing options can make the Site Built Earth Flow™ immediately cash-flow positive for qualified customers. (meaning the monthly finance payment is lower than the monthly savings).

Below is an example of the potential monthly cash-flow + savings from a Site-Built 7012 Earth Flow™ that processes 153 tons of material per month. This example shows the monthly payment on a system financed over 6 years at 7.99% interest. The monthly savings is based on avoided solid waste disposal costs of $65/ton and compost market value of $50/ton:

Tons Per Month of Material Composted, 14 Day Retention 153
Monthly Avoided Disposal Costs, Compost Value, minus Operating Costs $14,350
Monthly Finance Payment 6 yr term @ 7.99% -$2,405
Monthly Cash Flow Including Finance Payment $11,945

SITE-BUILT EARTH FLOW at Heyday Farm • Bainbridge Island, WA

SITE-BUILT EARTH FLOW at Greenacres • cincinnati, ohio


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