In-Vessel solution for challenging feedstocks

With 25 years on the market and installations from Canada to the Caribbean, the Containerized Compost System (CCS) is a proven reliable and user friendly way to process challenging feedstocks. Featuring a state of the art web based controls system (WebMACS), robust stainless steel vessels, and cost effective reversing aeration the modular CCS product line can be tailored to meet almost any operator’s needs!

System Processing Capacity 750 to 50,000 Tons per year (TPY)
Applications Sludge, septage, fish waste, or other odorous feedstock

The CCS Process
Composting in the CCS is simple! Composting takes place in controlled batches within airtight vessels (CompTainers) that can be moved and emptied by roll-off trucks or straddle lifts. Each CompTainer is closely controlled to optimize decomposition, meet regulatory requirements and minimize odors. The unique method of aeration integrates up to 100 CompTainers and a biofilter into a single system. Add a small building for receiving and mixing and you have a completely enclosed compost system at a fraction of the cost of other in-vessel systems.

Modular Design for Composting
Composting in modular roll-off containers allows enormous flexibility in system design and operation. Each CompTainer processes approximately one ton per day. Increasing facility capacity is as simple as adding a new container. The facility design is equally flexible with a wide array of layouts and configurations. The transportability of the CompTainer allows for active composting at a treatment plant or central location and curing and screening at a remote location.

Types Of Containerized Compost Systems

We are now offering two different CCS systems! One using intermodal shipping CompTainers and another with customizable stainless steel CompTainers. Both are built on the same aeration and controls platform and are compatible with a variety of roll off trucks and straddle lifts.


intermodal ccs

One of the biggest costs associated with In-Vessel composting is the vessel itself. Fortunately, the vast international trade economy has made robust shipping containers readily accessible and remarkably inexpensive. Recognizing this, we created the Intermodal Containerized Composting System (IM-CCS), a product that utilizes the tried and true CCS design within a repurposed intermodal shipping container. This innovative product significantly lowers overhead costs while recycling perfectly functional shipping containers, saving our clients money, and diverting valuable resources from the waste stream.

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custom stainless ccs

The Custom Stainless CCS is all about flexibility. Each Custom CompTainer can be sized and designed to exactly meet operator requirements; Volume, latching mechanism, rolloff capability and more will all be tailored to your needs. Together we can build the perfect solution for your facility!

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