compost expertise

facility design

Green Mountain Technologies designs state-of-the-art composting facilities and has done so for more than twenty-five years.  GMT has more than 30 municipal and commercial compost facilities ranging from 3,000 to 200,000 tons per year that have been efficiently composting curbside collected yard debris, food waste, biosolids and agricultural wastes.  Our design staff has over 100 years combined industry experience in the composting industry.   Our design services will help you design effective processes for odor and leachate capture and treatment. We also redesign existing facilities to increase capacity or mitigate environmental impacts. Our goal is to design facilities that are still operating and successful twenty-five years from now.

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pilot projects

If you are designing a facility from the ground up with unknown feedstocks, a pilot study can be a smart first step to inform the design process.  The GMT pilot ASP system includes a state of the art control system and blower that controls and records compost data and allows remote access and control through any web based device. The pilot allows you train employees and establish customer relationships while your facility is in construction. GMT built a pilot facility for the City of Phoenix so they could compost the organic waste from the Super Bowl as shown in the video.  The pilot system will help to establish design parameters such as:

  • Air Emissions
  • Aeration rates
  • Mix ratios
  • Proof of concept
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operator training

GMT provides operator training with each system we design or manufacture to empower individuals to make great compost. Our staff has a combined 50 years of experience operating and supporting compost operations to help your team make the best compost. Jeff Gage, GMT’s Senior Designer, started the original compost training program at WSU and enjoys educating others about all things compost. GMT is approved for on-site training for state required operator training courses. We are active in the development and implementation of the US Composting Council and the Washington Organic Recycling Council’s operator training programs
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3D Modeling

GMT creates detailed 3-D models of our designs to assure that all of the parts fit together and there is no interference between piping, equipment and structures. We will work with your local engineers and architects to get you from design to permitted quickly and effectively. Our designs are compact and effective, helping you create finished compost faster, and on a significantly smaller foot print, than most composting technologies available on the market. Our experience provides you tangible examples of successful operations.

Feedstock Evaluation

Before you spend significant dollars on infrastructure and equipment for your hot composting operation, use the Compost Feedstock Evaluation service by Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) to help you develop a smart composting process for your organic waste

For a minimal investment, GMT’s Compost Feedstock Evaluation gives you the real world experience, confidence and peace of mind to make informed decisions and plan your composting project. Let Green Mountain Technologies bring more than 30 years of professional composting expertise to the task of discovering the best composting process for your feedstocks.

GMT’s Compost Feedstock Evaluation is particularly valuable for feedstocks with unique characteristics such as agricultural or industrial waste products, biosolids and animal manures.

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GMT provides site analysis and remedial plans for sites experiencing odor complaints.  The services include dilution to threshold (D/T) sampling and VOC, ammonia and methane sampling. GMT will analyze facility emissions by conducting odor sampling on your existing piles, or from a pilot facility using your feedstocks.  GMT can also provide odor dispersion modeling to show how odors will move from your site under varying meteorological conditions.