In an ongoing effort to provide more composting on less foot print, GMT has developed the patent pending Circular Turned Aerated Pile or cTAP. The idea of the cTAP is simple and elegant. Make the longest continuous row you can on a square site, which is a circle. Place your grinding, receiving and first aeration zone in the outer circle, and turn the rows inward with your side turn composting equipment.

With the substantially longer piles, the turning frequency is reduced to once a week for a total of 5 turns over 42 days. The turner circles directly to the beginning of the next row, reducing reset time to zero between passes. This slowly concentrates the footprint of the pile with each turn. The volume reduction during composting now becomes an advantage and maximizes your throughput.

This 7-acre circular arrangement provides 30% more capacity than a rectangular 7-acre TAP system, which requires 11 turns over the same 42 days. Here it is the same process control, less work, more capacity while maintaining the same durability. It is time to seriously discuss this system for your next facility.