Solvita Compost Maturity Test Kits

Solvita Soil Test KitThe Solvita Test kit comes with two tests that will help you determine if your compost is mature and ready for use. The easy to use test measures the evolution of carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile ammonia (NH3) in your compost sample. The test is simple, easy to set up and you can see the results in just 4 hours.

Gone are the days of having to send out your soil samples for testing. Save time and money completing the Solvita Soil Test in house.

Each Solvita kit includes:

  • 6 x CO2 Test Paddles
  • 6 x NH3 Test Paddles
  • 2 x Reusable Plastic Jars
  • 1 Color Chart, 1 Test Box, 1 Manual
Solvita Compost Test: How to Perform it.

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CLP-00 Solvita Test Kit: CLP-00 is $120

CLP-36 Solvita Test Kit with 36″ Probe: CLP-36 is $199

CLP-48 Solvita Test Kit with 48″ Probe: CLP-48 is $219