Compost Facility Operator Training From GMT

Proper planning and employee training can assure a compost facility’s long term success.

Jeff Gage training session

Compost Operator Training 

GMT provides operator training with each system we design or manufacture to empower individuals to make great compost. Our staff has a combined 50 years of experience operating and supporting compost operations to help your team make the best compost. Jeff Gage, GMT’s Senior Designer, started the original compost training program at WSU and enjoys educating others about all things compost. GMT is approved for on-site training for state required operator training courses. We are active in the development and implementation of the US Composting Council and the Washington Organic Recycling Council’s operator training programs.  

In a typical operator training, we cover the following:

  • Basic biology of composting piles and biofilters
  • Feedstock recipe for the optimum balance of nutrients, porosity and moisture
  • Grinding and mixing equipment
  • Aeration and temperature management for pathogen reduction
  • Odor control and prevention of odors
  • Dust suppression, runoff control, and litter management
  • Fire control and minimizing the risk of fires
  • Screening and product uses
  • Product quality, mix analysis, performance testing

We also provide training for existing facilities facing operational challenges such as how to manage odors, how to meet permit and product quality requirements.

GMT Compost Team Operator Training

Compost Facility Management

Managing a large compost facility is not a simple task. From sourcing feedstock revenues to compost marketing and product sales, a facility manager needs support to keep the business profitable.  Risk management is also critical in deciding where to invest in capital equipment to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.  

Jeff Gage's Bio
Jeff Gage's Bio

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