When IslandWood opened in 2001, Green Mountain Technologies donated an Earth Tub to support the vision of exposing children to the wonders of the natural world. The Earth Tubs have now been composting the food scraps from their kitchen for over 11 years. The Earth Tub manages all the food scraps from over 150 residents and staff on the campus. In 2009, IslandWood purchased a second Earth Tub when the campus expanded to include over 100 additional students.

IslandWood is the premier environmental learning center in the Northwest. Located on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, IslandWood is a unique 255-acre outdoor learning center designed to provide exceptional learning experiences and inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship. Each week, 95 students from the greater Seattle area come and stay for 4 nights immersing themselves in the natural environment. The campus includes many state of the art sustainable systems in its campus operations including a living machine for their waste-water and solar panels and recycled building materials.

Compost IslandWoodThe Earth Tub™ provides an important touch point in the educational curriculum at IslandWood. Composting clearly and immediately demonstrates the closed loop systems of nature. The compost is used in the gardens adjacent to the Earth Tub™ for growing vegetables and herbs for the kitchen. In order to increase awareness of food scraps, kids weigh the scraps from their table at every meal. The least wasteful table wins!