Stein Wikholm, owner of landscape design firm Wikholm, visited GMT’s Earth Flow installation in downtown Manhattan at Battery Park in 2015. Soon after his visit, he approached GMT in search of an in-vessel composting system that could be easily transported via sea freight to his offices in Norway. Wikholm wished to use the composter to process landscape waste from their business operations.

GMT proposed an EF-20 Intermodal Earth Flow to meet Wikholm’s needs. The intermodal vessel is a 20’ high-cube standard shipping container that can be easily transported by truck, train and sea fright. The upcycled container reduces the cost of the In-Vessel Earth Flow by about 20%. Additionally, the interior of the Intermodal System contains our automated auger technology that mixes and aerates the compost pile to produce ideal product.


EF 3.3.Hi20 pic3