Compost Feedstock Evaluation

What Is A Compost Feedstock Evaluation?

Before you spend significant dollars on infrastructure and equipment for your hot composting operation, use the Compost Feedstock Evaluation service by Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) to help you develop a smart composting process for your organic waste.

GMT’s Compost Feedstock Evaluation is particularly valuable for feedstocks with unique characteristics such as agricultural or industrial waste products, biosolids and animal manures.

For a minimal investment, GMT’s Compost Feedstock Evaluation gives you the real world experience, confidence and peace of mind to make informed decisions and plan your composting project. Let Green Mountain Technologies bring more than 30 years of professional composting expertise to the task of discovering the best composting process for your feedstocks.

GMT’s Compost Feedstock Evaluation service can help you:

        • Reduce odor emissions
        • Understand and minimize operational costs
        • Determine optimal recipes
        • Determine oxygen demand and aeration needs
        • Understand moisture addition requirements
        • Assess need for agitation or structural amendments
        • Prevent issues with vectors or storm water pollution
        • Maximize compost quality and market value

GMT uses a 60-gallon pilot-scale aerated reactor for testing. The stainless steel reactor has a perforated floor and aeration pump to determine the appropriate aeration rate. The compost test can be static or agitated daily depending on client and feedstock needs.   For an accurate evaluation, GMT requires at least 30 gallons (6 five-gallon buckets) of total feedstocks. The duration of each evaluation varies based on feedstocks but is typically 21-30 days.

For the Compost Feedstock Evaluation, you will receive:

  • Weekly updates on testing progress
  • GMT evaluation summary
  • GMT process recommendations
  • Laboratory results
  • Sample of the finished product

Price: $1,195*

Includes the following repeated measures and USCC/STA certified lab analysis

Repeated Measures:
Daily Temperature Monitoring
Bulk Density
Moisture Content
Stability (CO2 and Ammonia)
Included standard lab tests*:
NPK/Trace Minerals
C/N Ratio
Soluble Salts
Plant Growth Bio-Assays
Particle Size Distribution

* Additional lab test measures are available on a per quote basis.

For a PDF document describing this service, please see our GMT Compost Feedstock Evaluation Data Sheet.