The Earth Tub

With more than 250 tubs sold worldwide, the Earth Tub is the most popular in-vessel, commercial composting system of its size.  The fully enclosed composting vessel features power mixing, compost aeration and biofiltration of all process air. This self-contained unit is ideal for composting at schools, universities, restaurants, hospitals and supermarkets. Each Earth Tub can individually compost up to 100 pounds per day (total biodegradables).  Two Earth Tubs can jointly compost up to 200 pounds per day.  Three Earth Tubs can jointly compost up to 300 pounds per day.

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Loading the Earth Tub

Loading the Earth TubOrganic materials such as food scraps, manure or yard waste are loaded through the large hatchway in the cover. These wet organic materials are then covered with dry materials such as wood chips, shavings, leaves or small weeds to prevent odors and insure that porosity and moisture levels are ideal for composting.


Turn on the auger motor and rotate the cover to shred and mix the new organic material into the active compost. Two revolutions of the rotating cover are required to mix the outside and center of the Earth Tub. The auger will shred and mix a ton or more of compost in 10-15 minutes. During active composting, the Earth Tub should be mixed at least two times per week.

Earth Tub Load and Mix

Aerobics and odor control

Maintaining aerobic conditions and controlling temperatures are essential for fast, effective composting and odor control. The aeration system draws air through the compost and forces the exhaust air through our biofiltration air purification system to remove odors. The overall cleanliness of the in-vessel design allows the Earth Tub to be placed in commercial settings close to where waste is generated.

Waste reduction

Heat generated in the Earth Tub rapidly breaks down the food scraps. The volume reduction is typically 50% or higher. After 2-3 weeks of active composting, open the discharge door and remove the compost product. The compost can be cured for 20-40 days for further stabilization.

The Earth Tub is able to process up to 100 pounds/day.

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Small businesses
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Summer camps

The newest Earth Tub model, Version 9.0, incorporates many great new benefits and features.


  • Easier to mix  The tub and lid design has been modified for smoother turning of the lid.
  • Easier to unload compost – The Earth Tub now has a new larger, discharge door that provides better access to the interior of the Tub.
  • Easier to clean – No more perforated floor. The smooth floor makes it easier to remove compost and clean the Earth Tub.
  • No leachate – Leachate can now be recycled back into compost. An optional leachate drain allows for disposal of excess leachate.
  • New Look – Enhanced structural design imparts a sleek, rugged aesthetic. Neutral colors look great in a variety of environments.
  • Year-round composting – The Earth Tub is designed to operate outdoors and provide year-round composting capabilities, even in cold climates.*

* We recommend installing Earth Tub(s) in a shaded or covered location to prevent long-term exposure to solar radiation and provide dry and safe operating conditions in rain and snow.


Earth Tub open

  • Easy to operate
  • Rapid process reduces compost volume quickly
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Minimal need for bulking agent
  • Short time required for mixing/loading
  • Temperature controlled system
  • Insulated for cold weather operation
  • Thorough compost mixing
  • Bio-filter odor control system

One Earth Tub Package provides all equipment required for a site to process up to 100 pounds of organic waste per day. For individual component pricing choose the custom package option.

Assembly Includes:

  • Earth Tub LLDPE insulated plastic body and lid (89″x89″x72″/795 lbs. each):
    • 2Hp 3 phase totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) auger motor (208/230/460V-50/60 Hz)
    • In-line Helical Gearbox with UHMW support bearing
    • 12′ stainless steel auger and track assembly
    • Leachate drain port
    • Locking discharge door and loading hatch
    • Retractable electric cord

One 36′ hand-held temperature probe

One Bio-filter which includes an aeration blower and odor filter

  • 2″ aeration ducting and fittings to connect to Bio-Filter to Earth Tub


  • Earth Tub Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
    • A VFD is required for sites that lack 3 phase power. One VFD can be shared with multiple Earth Tubs using a retractable cord with quick-disconnect.
  • Earth Tub Positive Aeration System
    • This recommended aeration system pushes air up through the compost, increasing oxygen levels, raising composting temperatures, speeding decomposition and preventing odors.
  • Earth Tub On-Floor Heating System
    • This resistance cable heating system provides back-up freeze protection to the interior of the Earth Tub in case compost temperatures drop suddenly during severe weather. For maximum effectiveness, this heater is usually installed in concert with the Aeration System above.
  • Additional Temperature Probes
  • One-Year Extended Warranty
    • Extended warranties are available on our parts-only warranty. Limit two additional years of warranty extension beyond the standard one-year warranty.