The Earth Cube

We’ve used our 20+ years of commercial composting experience to make the Earth Cube the simplest, easiest, fastest, lowest-cost system for community-based composting of food waste. The Earth Cube is ideal for small scale operations that are passionate about being green. Through closed-loop composting you can keep vital food nutrients in your local neighborhoods and gardens. Why pay to have nutrients hauled away and then purchased again as soil amendment?

The Earth Cube is a completely enclosed composting system that:

  • Prevents nuisance odors at the source
  • Prevents animals and bugs from accessing the compost
  • Produces excellent quality compost with minimal labor inputs
  • Quickens the composting process to minimize the footprint required

Earth Cube Composter Overview

Getting Started with the Earth Cube

Before adding any food scraps to the Earth Cube, it is important to add AT LEAST 12” of coarse bulking agent (coarse wood chips, chopped weeds, leaves, etc.) to the floor of the vessel.   This provides a nice, fluffy bed for the compost and prevents food waste from sticking to the floor where it can become anaerobic and stinky.  It also allows cool air to enter underneath the compost pile.  This encourages a convective thermal loop that increases heating and speeds composting.

Here are some helpful tips when adding food scraps to the vessel:

  • ALWAYS cover food scraps with dry bulking agent (wood shavings, wood chips, sawdust, shredded weeds) immediately after adding food waste to prevent odors and bugs.
  • When you first start adding food scraps and bulking agent to the vessel, stack the additions toward the front of the vessel.  By piling up the additions high it will begin to self-heat more quickly than if the scraps are spread out horizontally.  This is because the heat produced by the microbes rises and heats the foodscraps above.  This will help jumpstart a heating phase for the compost.

Acceptable Biodegradable Materials for Composting

  • Food scraps (including meat and dairy)
  • Post-consumer plate scrapings
  • Napkins, paper towels or absorbing paper products
  • Shredded paper or cardboard
  • Any yard waste from the grounds

Hard foods such as pineapples, corncobs, whole loaves of bread, etc. should be chopped up to 2” or less prior to loading. If adding large pieces of meat trimmings, cooking fats or oils to the system, extra bulking agent, particularly sawdust, should be added first as an absorbant layer.


The Earth Cube can process up to 50 pounds/day.

  • Small businesses
  • Community gardens/pea patches
  • Churches
  • Neighborhoods
  • Summer camps
  • Schools and colleges
  • Non-profits
  • Downtown associations
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Day care centers


  • Complete Enclosure – The Fully Self-Contained Earth Cube – The Earth Cube is designed to prevent access to the compost by animals and insects.
  • Easy Access to Your Compost – The Compost Access Port – The Earth Cube gives you easy access to your compost.  In addition, the access port latches securely and can be locked to keep critters out.
  • Maximize Your Capacity – The Removable Front Wall – As your Earth Cube becomes more full, the Earth Cube incorporates a removable front wall that keeps the compost from spilling out, maximizing internal capacity.
  • Creating Leverage – The Wear Bar – When you are mixing your compost or emptying your vessel, the Earth Cube Wear Bar makes the job much easier.  By providing a fixed point of leverage for moving materials, the wear bar cuts your workload essentially in half.
  • Put Your Compost Pile Where You Want It – The Fork Liftable Compost Vessel – If you have access to a fork truck or pallet jack, you can move your Earth Cube compost vessel even when full.  This feature enables you to discharge compost directly onto your garden.



  • Affordable
  • Simple and Easy to Operate
  • Excellent Odor Control
  • Deters Rats/Animals/Pests
  • Sleek Appearance
  • Fast, Hot Composting
  • Kills Pathogens, Weed Seeds
  • Small Footprint
  • Modular
  • Option for off-the-Grid/Solar Powered

  • External dimensions: 48” long x 40” wide x 45” high.
  • Internal dimensions: 46” long x 38” wide x 38” high.
  • Total capacity: ~1.4 cubic yards (285 gallons).
  • Daily input capacity: up to 50 lbs. of total feedstocks/day (e.g., 30 lbs./day of food waste, 20 lbs./day of cover material).
  • Acceptable feedstocks: vegetable scraps, cooked foods, meat, dairy, paper products. (Note: large quantities of meat and dairy will require additional cover material for odor control).
  • Recommended cover materials: wood shavings, wood chips, shredded landscape/garden waste and saw dust.
  • Expected in-vessel time for thermophilic composting process: 21 days minimum.
  • Recommended curing time after discharge: 1-6 months.


The Earth Cube comes complete with:

  • A 24” compost mixing auger (attached to a power drill, 3/8” chuck, 18V+, drill not included)
  • A 36” stainless steel temperature probe for monitoring compost temperatures.
  • A user-friendly compost instruction manual with photos, insights, tips and tricks.

Optional Additions:

  • Plug-In Aeration System: Power your aeration from the grid.  Requires access to 110V power.
  • Freeze Protection System: This heating system provides freeze protection in case of severe cold.
  • Supplemental Insulation Package: Super insulate your Earth Cube for composting in cold climates.

Earth Cube Spec Sheet
Earth Cube Spec Sheet