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GMT Compost Facility Design
As leaders in the field of compost consulting, Green Mountain Technologies designs and installs state-of- the-art composting systems and has done so for more than twenty years.  GMT has designed facilities for municipal and commercial clients as well as agricultural by-products and manures.  Our designed facilities (over 20) have led the Pacific Northwest and Northeastern States for composting curbside collected yard debris, food wastes, and agricultural wastes, without odor problems or other permit violations.

3D Modeling & compost consulting by GMTGMT creates detailed 3-D models of our designs to assure that all of the parts fit together and there is no interference between piping, equipment and structures. We will work with your local engineers and architects to get you from design to permitted quickly and effectively. Our designs are compact and effective, helping you create finished compost faster, and on a significantly smaller foot print, than most composting technologies available on the market.

The key to effective composting is managing not only for oxygen, but for temperature, moisture, pH and pile porosity.  With each feedstock, or operator, these variables can shift the required process dynamics dramatically.  By designing for keeping different feedstocks within the process optimum ranges, we can develop facilities that complete the composting process in the least amount of time, with the least offensive emissions.

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Each composting system should be simple to operate, efficient, and durable.  System changes are always more costly than careful planning.  Our design services will help your system be well tailored to the biological energy and character of the feedstocks, the local environmental challenges, and having a clear path to cost effective future expansions.

Compost PileOur design team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry.  Michael Bryan-Brown and Jeff Gage can support your civil and mechanical engineers to get the details of your system right the first time.

Many times GMT has been asked to fix the problems created by an inexperienced engineer’s hopeful designs or an owner’s push for expansion of materials without a clear vision of the processing consequences.  Our experience provides you tangible examples of successful operations.  We have taken processing capacities from 55 to 550 tons per day for less than $2 million in handling equipment costs and ducting changes.

Talk to our clients, their regulators and the surrounding neighbors, they are our best references.

Our areas of design expertise have successfully addressed the challenges with:
  • Production capacity
  • Equipment sizing and selection
  • Daily cleanup
  • Effective drainage systems
  • Corrosion
  • Odor containment & treatment
  • Balanced air flows
  • Adequate irrigation
  • Waste water treatment and reuse
  • Turning systems
  • Visibility
We offer a wide range of services including:
  • Equipment sizing
  • Flow optimization analysis
  • Biofilter and biofilter media design
  • Compost product quality assurance
  • Rooftop and topsoil blend designs
Jeff Gage's Bio
Jeff Gage's Bio