Providing Composting Solutions for 25 Years.

At Green Mountain Technologies it’s all about compost.

Since 1992 we’ve been dedicated to helping forward-thinking organizations reduce their environmental footprint, save money and produce high quality compost.  We are committed to making composting an approachable, affordable and successful undertaking for organizations of any size.  We do this through innovative design informed by the coupling of industry experience and ongoing research and development. We are passionate about composting because it saves money and preserves the air, water and soil.

We know that different circumstances demand different approaches to composting.  With this in mind, Green Mountain Technologies has developed a comprehensive product line that includes sophisticated large-scale technologies for biosolids, windrows, Aerated Static Pile (ASP) solutions, cutting-edge software and probes and some of the most popular in-vessel systems in the country.  Michael Bryan-Brown, President and Chief Engineer, has over two decades of experience working on projects like the New York City Biosolids management plan and the construction of the organic waste composting facility for Prince Edward Island, Canada.  His designs have not only earned patents and accolades, but most importantly, have made many customers (and the environment) quite happy.

GMT’s corporate office is located in Washington with customer installations on four continents (and a few tropical islands for good measure).  We aim to help organizations around the world realize the economic and environmental gains that can be achieved by a well-functioning composting system.  From educational and institutional customers composting their own food waste to large municipalities and waste haulers processing thousands of tons of material per year, GMT has a system to meet your needs.  Toward this end, we’re constantly working on new, innovative solutions to meet customer needs and we look forward to talking with you about your project!

Our Clients

Green Mountain Technologies has been fortunate enough to work with clients in education, state & federal government, communities and with commercial composters.  Tell us about your need and we’ll find a composting solution to match.

Our Team

  • Michael Bryan-Brown
    Michael Bryan-BrownPresident / Chief Engineer

    Michael is President and Founder of Green Mountain Technologies and has been designing and installing state of the art composting systems for over 20 years.

  • Jeff Gage
    Jeff GageSenior System Designer

    Jeff has been designing composting facilities since 1985 and has constructed and/or operated over twenty-five large scale composting facilities across the US.

  • Pamela Roth-Heater
    Pamela Roth-HeaterChief Financial Officer

    Pam manages the day to day operations and financial health of GMT as well as providing marketing and sales support for the company.

  • John Peck
    John PeckElectronics Technician

    John has over 15 years experience working on electronics equipment and has completed the training for GMT to be a UL listed panel shop.

  • Van Calvez
    Van CalvezSystem Designer, Engineer, Sales & Customer Service

    Van manages Sales and specializes in providing customer service, technical support and composting expertise for the Earth Tub and the Earth Flow Systems.

  • Oley Sheremeta
    Oley SheremetaSenior Project Manager

    Oley specializes in municipal scale composting, system design, infrastructure repair, technical sales, project management, and operator training.

  • Jackson Beall
    Jackson BeallCAD Expert

    Jackson is currently working on building drawing sets to expand our Earth Flow Product line.

  • Giles MacMurchie
    Giles MacMurchieMetal Fabrication, Welding, Assembly, and Testing

    Giles and his team fabricate and assemble our Earth Tub and Earth Flow Systems, and components for our probes and ASP Systems.

    • Clover

      Clover provides inspiration, compost testing services and compostable material.  Clover also specializes in relaxation and snoring.